Friday 10 March 2017

Foodie of the week : Pugiso

This weeks foodie of the week is the snazzy Pugiso

Gym fanatic, Hopeless Romantic, Globe Trotter and Quarter Pounder-lover these are just a few words to describe Pugiso.

Lets dive in and explore.

1- What is your Favourite food memory? Eg - is there a Xmas dinner you can never forget or waking up to the smell of a freshly baked cake, restaurant experience,... 
This would definitely be the meal prepared for my husband's 34th birthday celebration this year & was set up and shared with him in a picnic style on our living room floor with candle lights at exactly 00:00 which consisted of:
* Starter - Salmon + greek salad
* Main - rack of lamb + grilled sweet potatoes + couscous + beetroot
* Dessert - strawberry mascarpone + chocolate mousse + rasberries
* Cake - cheese cake

2-Can you cook? if so what is the best dish you can whip out  - 
Yes, butter chicken with steamed dumplings (its our favorite dish - especially on those cold & wet days).

3-What has been your best restaurant experience? 
I'm easy to please. Best dinning experience I ever had (which happens all the time) was / is Mythos in Mall of Africa.
It is not always about the style the restaurant has, but the professionalism, presentation the as well the turn around time in terms of preparation their dishes & drinks.

4-What is your favourite dish in the world?
Look I have only traveled to 2 countries in Africa (Ghana & Kenya) & to the US (Washington) and I am still drawn back to our beautiful home dishes (and they should be traditional), so it would have to be my husband's mash + woolies' farmstyle boerewors + sauce.

5-Worst food addiction, ours are hotwings? 
McDonald's double quarter pounder or Fold Over meal(s), especially their fries - for a gym fanatic this is the least of my problems *hides*....

6-Are there any new restaurants or dishes you just recently discovered that you would like to mention? 
uhmmm .... restaurant - no, dish ... the most famous West African Kenkey while I last visited Ghana (late 2016) *hides* - was one of the most challenging dishes to get used to, especially from a texture perspective. Kenkey is a staple dish similar to sourdough dumpling from the inhabited regions of West Africa, usually served with pepper sauce and fried fish or soup, stew.

7-Is there anything you would like the world to know about you? 
Ofcourse, not only about me per se - but about all young mothers out there, that are juggling to be mothers of more than one younger then 15yrs child, wife, studies, work (8 - 5 & own smme), social life (with hubby, friends and family) as well as healthy living - all this without having to have full time assistance in terms of having a full time helper at home.

It is a daunting ideal for many - though some tends to want to look forward to but have not gotten the gist of how it actually work and how 24hrs in a day could be an idea of it being enough to everything.

8-What is buhle Kolekshens?
buhle Kolekshens is a beading company, we hand craft mainly female accessories.

However, we are is also involved in promoting entrepreneurship in the Thatchfield area through hosting markets to allow for those that have their own small businesses to market and promote their products / brands.

Most are professionals with normal 8-5 Mon - Frid; whom have their individuals passions and these range from hand made handbags, accessories etc.

You can follow our foodie on her social media accounts or watch out for her Gratings on the Grate App

Facebook: Pugiso Mpakanyane-Ntsele 

Instagram: pugi.mpakanyane.ntsele

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