Tuesday 25 April 2017

Foodie of the week karabo

It was a warm sunny day and we were on Insta doing the usual liking, loving and commenting when we stumbled upon a picture that took our breath away.

If there was such a thing as Insta love at first sight then this was it.

A Beautiful, delicate, well balanced dish of African cuisine.
We reached out and found the culinary artist and this is her story
Introducing Karabo

So which dish is this that encapsulated the Grate App team...

This is the dish in question dont you just want to rip your cellphones cover off and lick it down?

G-So who is Karabo_Tau?
K-Karabo_tau is the insta name. 
I am Karabo Mashego and Tau is my clan name meaning lion/warrior which practically describes me in a nutshell but I would be the lioness in this case. 
I’d like to think of myself as a very focused and driven individual. I’m very bubbly, ever smiling and too friendly for my liking at times. 
I am not just a pretty face, I’m a hard worker and a go getter, and I always know exactly what I want except when it comes to deciding what I want to eat haha. 
I over analyse almost everything which kind of sucks but I’m working on it. I’m a people’s person but I enjoy my own company as well, a bit too much at times. 
Overall I’m a pretty awesome easy going human being and a faithful believer

G-Pretty awesome indeed :-) one of our key objectives with the Grate App is to help foodies decide what food to order, its been an Epic journey and we are getting there :-)

G-How long have you been cooking and who taught you? 
K-I have been cooking for 8 years now, my mother taught me the basics when I was 14 years old and then she took me to cooking classes when I was about 16 years old.

G-What is your Best/most memorable Cooking experience? Where was it, who was it for and what made it special
K-That would be when I cooked and baked for my father’s birthday. I baked his cake and made one of his favourite meals. What made it special was that it as his birthday of course and it was my first time decorating a cake with fondant, I was really happy with myself and he was too.

G-Who do you look up to in the food world? 
K-Siba Mtongana, this lady really inspires me and is exactly where I’d like to be in a few years time. She’s the reason why I decided to study food and nutrition because I read an article about her career a few years back and that’s when I decided this is exactly what I want to do.

G-How was your first? Cooking experience that is
K-Haha my first..well it was pretty exciting because I was always that child that wanted to be in the kitchen when my mom was cooking so when I finally got the opportunity I was really over the moon

G-Top 3 quick dishes to cook up in less than 30 minutes?
K-That would be Macaroni and cheese, penne and chicken stir fry and chilli con carne and rice. 

G-Do you have a blog? Where can the Grate foodies follow you?

And that Grate foodies is Karabo (round of applause) 
From the looks of that awesome food we cant wait for a dinner invite
Goto her blog, Share the article, download the Grate App and share foodie experiences :-)

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