Thursday 11 May 2017

Clay Oven

This weeks #GrateRestaurantOfTheWeek is the legendary Clay Oven. 
Situated in Jukskei Park in Randburg, this gem is definitely awaiting to be discovered. 

Clay Oven is not about mincy-fancy-pants nouvelle/nouveau/haute cuisine. 
They are about real food. That’s what we are about : first and second generation Portuguese and Greek Cypriot immigrants making the food they know and grew up with.

Joe is the Chef. He works his kitchen with a determination that would take your breath away. No one can keep up with him… energiser bunny on steroids!

Anyone a fan of Real food? Lets dig in 😁

G-How would you describe your restaurant in 140 characters?
C-FAMILY “PortuGreek” fusion food; combines Portuguese/Cypriot influences… with strong SA roots. Real family food!

G-How did the restaurant’s name come about?
C-An associate offered us the name he’d had registered. We were building an oven; the concept fitted and we took it

G-What is your signature dish? The one everyone keeps coming back for?
C-That’s like asking us which one of our children is our favourite! Trinchado! Moussaka! Tempura veg! Onion rings!...

G-What is your Favourite memory from Clay Oven  ? Was it when you opened, was it when you had a famous celebrity over?
C-Every KID that tells their parents to bring them HERE. No playground no games. They like us and come to us to EAT. That’s special!

G-What is your favourite social media channel and where can Grate App users follow you on social media? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest

C-We are very active on FaceBook with almost daily posts – Keeps everybody informed. Twitter too.

So there you have it #foodies Clay Oven 
Pop on over and get your Grate on 

You can also follow Clay Oven on their social media pages and by searching for them on the grate App


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  1. Lovely post! I'm a regular at Clay Oven for so many reasons. The friendly service , the delicious food , the great portion size and of course Chef Joe.And let's not start on the Sunday Traditional Roast......and how reasonable the prices are....and the fact that you never have to worry about finding parking.....I love the fact that its unpretentious and yet delivers over and above expectations. Really hard-working restaurant that deserves to do as well as it does :)