Thursday 15 June 2017

Durban's finest

Some say the best thing to come out of Durban is Ink Foods, Qom and the Indian Ocean(in no specific order) 

So while some of you Google what Qom is, others will be curious about the place occupying the number one spot. 

Ink Foods is an amazing KwaMashu based food joint. 
We discovered this special joint on #BurgerRouteZA and fell in love with the burger.
We reached out and had a chat with owner Sizwe Zulu and this is how the conversation went down

Ladies, Gentlemen and Foodies : Ink Foods 

Food - check 
Sunglasses - check 
Phone - check 
The Grate App - check 

So there are always three questions we have in the back of our minds when we do a foodie-view(foodie interview) What, Where and Why? 

So we started and asked What is Ink Foods, where does it come from and what does it represent. Essentially Ink foods is a company born out of the love of people and food, its aim is to fill a huge gap in the Township food industry!  

Huge Gap indeed! If you run an analysis on the market size of the food industry in South Africa you will be pleasantly shocked. 

The name of the restaurant came from an acronym INK – INANDA, NTUZUMA KWA MASHU 
Each week thousands of consumers leave the township to eat out. On average consumers want the convenience of doing this not too far from home however the township doesn’t provide suitable sit down restaurants. Come to think of it there aren't many sit down restaurants in the townships so we think Ink foods is onto something 

Just looking at the images we can already tell the burgers and wraps are the best biggest sellers and we know foodies who would fly down to Durban just for that milkshake, Outstanding!

We wonder how the food scene in Durban is compared to Jozi-burg and Cape Town, Ink Food did indicate that the food scene in Durban is slow compared to Cape town and Johannesburg. Durban has more party rockers then foodies however over the past two years they have seen a rise of a few independently owned restaurants but they still have a very long way to go! 

We must say that the Ink Cups are a Grate touch! Definitely collectors items

Being foodies we asked Ink Food what are their top 5 foodie hotspots in Durban and we will post that list on our Facebook Page 

We love movements and this looks like a Grate movement to support, so next time you are in Durban, Ink your journey down to Ink Foods and guess what, that burger you see below will be waiting just for you! 

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  1. Grate review can't wait to try out some of inks burgers