Friday 24 March 2017

Burger & Lobster

Today we feature the incredible Burger & Lobster all the way from the beautiful windy City called Cape Town.

At the Grate App we are all about uncovering Gems and in Burger & Lobster we think we have really found one. Located in the heart of Cape Town on the infamous Bree street this restaurant promises great food and a good times and we think that is just Grate

Lets dig in 

This first question we asked the team at Burger & Lobster was "How did the restaurant’s name come about?" and their answer was "We as restaurateurs in Cape town wanted to create something very different and unique that would stand out and become Cape Town’s Go To Spot. We have been to the Burger and Lobster in London and really enjoyed the Simple but Tasty menu. We are not affiliated with the brand but have the same unique concept.

That is very interesting next we asked them "What is their signature dish? What is that one dish everyone keeps coming back for" their answer was "This is a very tough question to answer. Our B&L Gourmet burger keeps customers coming back. We make a lovely home-made brioche bun, with a 250g steak patty, topped with cheese and maple syrup bacon. Served with fries & Side Salad. We made on of the Top Burger spots in Cape Town To go to.
But the Lobster Roll is unique. People feel so Strong about this dish and come back regularly for this dish too.
So I have to say Both is our signature dish. We couldn’t be Called Burger & Lobster for nothing. lol"

Now that we know what their favorite dish was we tried to find out "What their favourite memory from Burger & Lobster? Was it when they opened, was it when they had a famous celebrity over" their answer was "At Burger & Lobster, we get many celebrities, Chad le Clos, Cameron van der Burgh, Graeme Smith, Jeanie D, Top billing crew, Expresso crew, Lee-aan Liedenberg, Liezel van Westerhuizen , which is lovely to have them here.
Wow what a celebrity mix, from swimmers to actors we can imagine many a selfie being taken there 

Next we tried to to find out what their favorite social media channel is and where can Grate App users follow them on social media? They are on Instagram- BurgerLobsterSa, Facebook – Burger & Lobster Cape Town and Twitter - BurgerlobsterSA. But our Best Sociaol Media form is Instagram.
We have a big following on Facebook and Instagram. All their events are on Facebook. 

Those fries look exquisite, we are seriously tempted to hop on a plane and fly down to Cape Town just for those fries... Don't get us started on the burger, we will gladly Hyperloop for that burger  

So finally we asked the question that is probably on everyone's tongue "what came first the burger or the lobster?" to which they replied "We don’t know, you tell us.
But they both came together.""

And that is just it about Burger & Lobster, everything just comes together 

Like a Burger & Lobster 

We cant wait to see more Grate reviews on the Grate App from Burger & Lobster so come o foodies lets get Grating 

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