Tuesday 21 March 2017

It's all about the dough

Today we feature two ladies that have captivated us on Insta. 
It was love at first 'like' and since then we have become real fans. 
Whether they are lifting weights or burgers they make it look so stylish and classy. 
Ladies and gentlemen introducing girlsmeetdough. 
Jokers, Pies, Tattoo's, Gardens, Breaking a sweat and Pig ears....  lets dig in 

Q-Where/how did the two of you meet? Is there a memorable story lurking...
A-We wish it was memorable but we met through mutual friends and kinda just grew on each other. We bonded over our love of food and super villains *Joker*

Q-How did the name come about?
A-We were on a diet at the time and all we wanted was bread… and donuts… and pie 

Q-Can you girls bake? Is so what is your specialty bake?
A-Yes, we can. We like experimenting with cupcakes! The love is soo great that one of us even has a cupcake tattoo

Q-What is your best restaurant experience?  
A-We have been to Blandford Manor twice now and we will be back. 
There you can eat lunch in an unbelievably serene garden because kids are banned. The tables are far apart and everything is lush and green. 
Our favourite things on the menu are the Guinness chicken pie and the frozen margarita

Q-Dumbells and forks and knives? Do you see a link between gyming and eating?
A-We started working out and reducing calories because we were losing control, over weight and out of breath. It was a very sad time. We now say a firm NO to diets but choose to eat plenty of fruit and veggies anyway! Lifting weights gives us the freedom to eat all the things we love while maintaining a body we are comfortable with. A happy accident of fitness is also the ability to carry all the groceries in one trip without breaking a sweat!

Q-Are your food preferences similar or do you have absolutely different tastes in food and other departments?
A-We like the same foods, which is all of them! There really is nothing we will not try…even pig ears (surprisingly crunchy in case you were

Q-Worst food addiction?  Ours is scones and hotwings(not together
A-Peanut butter and chocolate.. Together

You can follow girlmeetsdough on all their social media pages and watch out for their awesome Gratings on the Grate App 

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