Tuesday 14 March 2017

We are Whipped

Today we feature FoodiewhippedSA who shall share their Epic foodie journey with all of you. 
The exciting food trends, food reviews, and great recipes for everyone. Forensic Investigation and Audit Manager by day and moonlighting as a Foodie and Creative by night lets dig in 

Q- What is your Favorite food memory? Eg - is there a Xmas dinner you can never forget or waking up to the smell of a freshly baked cake, restaurant experience,..
A-One of my fondest memories is when i was about 5-6 years old.  The entire extended family went out on a Sunday afternoon drive.  we would visit a park and then move on to the little Ice-cream place in Pretoria.. they would have the most decadent ice-cream cones ever known. My favourite was usually the  Nutty choc dip. absolutely fantastic.  This was a weekly ritual, and one of the best foodie moments in my life.

Q-Can you cook? if so what is the best dish you can whip out  
A-I can whip up really awesome home made bread rolls, flavourful vegetable pasta dishes, spicy nacho's...so YES I can cook almost anything, One of my favourite dishes to can cook is a spicy chicken roast with "my version" of roast potatoes and home made garlic bread, I make pasta dishes.

Q-What has been your best restaurant experience?
A-One of my best restaurant experiences was at Meadow Green situated in the Irene Country lodge in Pretoria, It was a Saturday night live event and what a memorable experience it was. It was fine dinning at its best.  The attention to detail and the way the food was plated was just amazing!  Our table was decorated with candle light and rose petals and everything felt straight out of a fairytale.. the perfect romantic evening for my wife and myself.

Q-What is you favourite dish in the world?
A-I generally love all kinds of food, but chicken curry or a good roasted chicken will ultimately satisfy my hunger any day.

Q-Worst food addiction, ours are hotwings?
A-Definitely chicken licken hot wings with extra extra soul fire sauce, or pizza

Q-Are there any new restaurants or dishes you just recently discovered that you would like to mention?
A-One of my more recent discoveries is Geet Indian Restaurant- best Indian food I've ever tasted and Higher Ground Restaurant-perfect Sunday afternoon lunching place with really great Sunday lunch comfort food. Jamies Italian for the Prawn Linguine Pasta!!

Q-Is there anything you would like the world to know about you?
A-Well I'm a Forensic Investigation and Audit Manager by day and moonlighting as a Foodie and Creative by night.

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