Thursday 6 April 2017

Restaurant of the week : Asanka

This weeks restaurant of the week is the amazing Asanka. 

A contemporary fine-dining restaurant situated in Johannesburg, Rivonia Junction, Sandton 

Asanka's mission is to fuse the aromatic flavors the African continent has to offer, with familiar Western and cosmopolitan delicacies, resulting in inspired, exceptional gourmet foods, and a truly memorable culinary experience in the heart of Johannesburg’s cosmopolitan Sandton metropolis.

Headed by the seasoned and passionate restaurateur JAKE MASISI this fine-dining restaurant is looking Grate 
Lets dig in :-) 

G:How would you describe your restaurant in 140 characters? 
A: Asanka fuses aromatic flavours of the African continent with contemporary fine-dining gourmet food for a memorable culinary experience.

G:How did the restaurant’s name come about? '
A:The Asanka is used in West Africa (Ghana) to blend and create the purest and healthiest meals. This useful tool is the origin of our approach and philosophy to creating authentic, classic foods, presented with fine-dining flair, and prominent African influences from Morocco, Egypt, Madagascar, Mauritius, and beyond.

G: What is your signature dish? The one everyone keeps coming back for?
A:Harissa Brisket - Braised pressed brisket, harissa jus char spring onion potato chips, celeriac puree. It’s a winner!

G:Sounds like a winner, the Grate App foodies will be coming for that Harissa Brisket!!!

G:What is your Favourite memory from Asanka? Was it when you opened, was it when you had a famous celebrity over?
A:We recently had a blogger event at the restaurant hosted by Hello Magazine. We were blown away by the rave reviews.

G:Sounds like there is a Grate App foodies event coming soon!!!

G:What is your favourite social media channel and where can Grate App users follow you on social media? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest

A:We love interacting with customers on all our platforms. We are on FB, Twitter and Insta

You can follow theAsanka on their social media pages and watch out for Asanka's gratings on the Grate App The Grate App

Handle: @AsankaRestaurant
Handle: @Asanka_Rest

Handle: @ asanka_restaurant

sai wani lookachi from the Grate App team 

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