Tuesday 11 April 2017

Foodie of the week Jozinic

This weeks Foodie of the week is Jozinic aka Nicola Taylor
Well traveled, Music loving, remote beach loving, this Thai food loving dunked chicken wing guzzling foodie sure has a story to tell. 

Lets turn the page and have a peek 

G: What is your Favourite food memory? E.g. - is there a Xmas dinner you can never forget or waking up to the smell of a freshly baked cake
J: Taking a private cooking lesson on a remote beach in Thailand before it filled up with tourists. I got chatting with the lady who ran the beach hut where we hit sundowners in the afternoon, and she offered to teach me a 5 course traditional Thai meal with all the classics. The best thai green curry ever.

G: We love Thai food, the flavor combinations are just amazing! 

G:Who is Jozinic? 
  • music.
  • food. love. curiosity. magic. Heart and soul behind @taylorsgoodfood Always
  • choose love

G: What has been your best restaurant experience?
J: A restaurant in East London, UK called Chapters about 10 years ago. The first time I noticed that I didn’t need salt because the food was seasoned so perfectly. Always learning.

G:What is your favourite dish in the world, something you could almost eat all day every day?
J: I gotta say, pizza. It is such a perfect food; cheese and bread are pure comfort, but you can dress it up or go healthy if you want. It is totally balanced, I could definitely eat it every day in some form. 

G:Worst food addiction, ours are hotwings?
J: OMG!!!!!!! I think it’s got to be fried chicken. 
Hotwings are in a league of their own but I can inhale a box of dunked wings just as quick. I will never say no to a cronut. 

G: Oh no we found another cronut fan.... Usually this is enough reason for us to unfriend someone but for you we will let it slide.... 

G: Are there any new restaurants or dishes you just recently discovered that you would like to mention?
J: Startup mode doesn’t allow for too much dining out but you gotta support the mates who open new shops, and lets face it, 
Sumting Fresh are definitely the originals when it comes to killer fried chicken. 
I am also hearting on Glory’s chicken wings, tender and crispy AF! 
Also 47 on Grant in Norwood is a magical hidden gem.

G: We fully support a fellow startup-er, its a long, lonely road but luckily there is Grate scenery :-) 

G:What is one thing that no one knows about you?

J:The first time I cooked anything was when I was 19. It was a fried egg. They had to take a picture of me to record the evidence.

G: Okay,,,, one day we would love to see that picture 

And that's Jozinic 
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