Tuesday 28 March 2017

The Food Musketeer

Some amazing things have come from the East Rand like Charlize Theron, Charlize Theron and Charlize Theron but now we have a new Entry to the East Rand Wall Of Fame : Foodie, Traveler and Social Musketeer - Maya aka "thefoodmusketeer" 

There are also stories of a Roadhouse turned Art Gallery in the East Rand but that is an entirely different story. Today is Maya's story so lets dig in 

GWhat is your Favourite food memory? Eg - is there a Xmas dinner you can never forget or waking up to the smell of a freshly baked cake, restaurant experience?
M:I have so many as growing up I was always surrounded by good food. My mom is an excellent Baker and Cook and she loves to bake so there is always something to eat in the house (known for our Chocolate cakes and Cape Malay Koeksisters) and my dad makes a mean Braai ( Masala lamb chops or lamb kebabs) . I guess I do miss the big family Christmas lunches we use to have with all the trimmings of Turkey, Gammon, Corned Beef and a proper Christmas Pudding and finding coins inside wrapped in foil. 

G:Can you cook? if so what is the best dish you can whip out .
M:Um...I can cook the basics to survive. My best dish which is flop proof is Chicken Tacos with Salad and Potato wedges.. 

G: What has been your best restaurant experience? 
M: It has to be dinner at Aurelias (Emperors Palace) meeting the first South African Chef to receive a Michelin Star - Chef Jan Hendrik vd Westhuizen and having dinner with him when he came to SA shortly thereafter to launch his book. The food he prepared was amazing. 

G:What is you favourite dish in the world? 
M: Pork Ribs, nothing better than sinking your teeth into juicy finger licking ribs that just fall off the bone. 

G:Worst food addiction, ours are hotwings
M:Onion Rings with Spurs Dirky Sauce ( don't judge ) 

G:Are there any new restaurants or dishes you just recently discovered that you would like to mention? 
M: I still want to give Momo Bohaus, Urbanologi and Brian Lara Rum eatery a try... and keen to see what Milk & Honey Bar (Monte) has to offer once it opens as I really loved it's predecessor. 
We have heard amazing things about Urbanologi and Brian Lara Rum so there definitely looks like there is an opportunity for a #gratemeet  :-)

G:Is there anything you would like the world to know about you? 
M:Besides the fact that I love food? I've never been a Millionaire, but I know I'd just be darling at it #stolen 😂

For all those who want to follow the food musketeer you can do so by checking her out on the following platforms, for all those wondering when you can find the food musketeers Gratings on the Grate App the answer is soon, we are maneuvering past some Samsung gremlins and we will have a solution soonest :-) 


NEWS24 VOICES: Maya Dajee

Ladies and gentlemen THE FOOD MUSKETEER

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