Tuesday 6 June 2017

Restaurant of the Week : Gemelli

Hey Grate foodies 

Before we get into it we must just state our level of excitement, we have been fans of Gemelli for ages now, we have been following the restaurant and have become real fans of their work, style and Italian flavor

Headed by the incredible Alessandro Mosupi Khojane and head chef Paulo Santo, Gemelli is a little piece of Italy right here in Bryanston. 

Look at that isn't it just stunning 

As they say true beauty lies on the inside and outside so now that we have seen the outside lets have a peak inside 

We had a chat with Head Chef Paulo and this is how the story goes 

We first asked Paulo how he would describe Gemelli in a tweet, Paulo  - "Gemelli is a contemporary Italian inspired, casual family dining restaurant" 

We love the earth tones and imagery around the restaurant, it gives you a sense of fine Italian art and the restaurant just has a sense of style and casual elegance, Just look at it!

We love love love the decor and story it tells next we wondered how the restaurant’s name come about?

Paulo - "Gemelli (Italian) translates into “twins” in English. Owner Alessandro and brother Thabo Khojane (investor) looked very alike growing up, as though they were twins. The word is also an extension of our approach to family in this business. As the slogan goes: La Famiglia prima (The family first). 

Family first all the time or should we say La Famiglia prima tutto il tempo. 

Our slogan at the Grate App is Food first everything else last, we will not try translate that to Italian as we might break the internet but here goes - "cibo di prima tutto il resto lo scorso"

While we on the topic of food lets dig in

We asked Paulo a very tough question, what is Gemelli's signature dish? whats that one dish everyone keeps coming back for?

Paulo eluded to the fact that many of the dishes in Gemelli’s relatively short history have become firm favourites with their clients. Slightly more so than most would be our signature pasta & risotto dishes, including the Penne Alessandro (featuring smoked chicken, prawn & creamy mustard) and our Linguine di Mare (shellfish linguine pasta).

Smoked chicken, prawn and creamy mustard sounds like a Grate combination, we cant wait for foodies to come to Gemelli and Grate this dish 

We then tried to take Paulo back in time and asked him what his favorite memory from Gemelli is? Was it when the restaurant opened or when they had a famous celebrity over?

"Personally, the day we opened was a blur as there was so much going on all at once. I’d say my most memorable moment was sharing a minute with Alessandro on the night of our 1st birthday party, to pause and take stock of what we’d achieved in one short year"

Gemelli are active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you can follow and visit the restaurant and create Grate food memories

Grazie from the Grate App Team 

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