Wednesday 1 February 2017

Foodie of The Week

Roelia is a foodie and blogger who knows herself so well that any introduction on our part, would not be nearly as savage as her own words. The humble blend of passionate research and personal, relatable opinions exhibit that one does not have to be a "high-brow connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination!" in order to publish good content. We think you'll find her just as interesting as we did.

What is your Favourite food memory? Eg - is there a Xmas dinner you can never forget or waking up to the smell of a freshly baked cake?
A: Oh, it is so difficult to say!  Of course most people will say that the smell of freshly baked goodies from Granny’s oven tops all first and favourite food memories.  My Gran used to live in a very small town in the Eastern Cape.  She baked bread and rusks using ‘potato yeast’ – and that smell was present at all times.  Fresh vetkoek with sosatie sausage for breakfast, chunks of fresh out of the oven mosbolletjies with knobs of real butter, a lamb roast with baked potatoes in the oven.  And tins and tins of ‘kleinkoekies’ of all shapes and sizes – custard, coffee, coconut, butter cookies. And ALL veggies were served with gravy and/or potatoes and onions added.  Old school and heavenly!   Ah, don’t you just miss the days where you were blissfully unaware of the fat and carb content of your meals?  ;) 

Who is Roelia? What 140 characters best describe you?
A: Loves good food & uplifting company, weekend explorer, wine sipper, believes in destiny and the greater good. And the healing power of bubbly!

What has been your best restaurant experience?
A: Oh goodness – a mind-blowing meal at Mosaic at the Orient!  It is really of feast for the senses, from the area where it is located, to the magical and majestic décor, to the creative and inspiring love and care which Chef Chantel Dartnall and her team put into each and every one of her dishes.  It really is an experience – not just a meal out!  12 out of 10 for sure!

What is your favourite dish in the world, something you could almost eat all day every day?
A: It will be a tough choice between sushi and good, homemade pasta.  I have embarrassed my husband at times at sushi restaurants – you know, when he starts moving the empty plates in front of my over to his stash?  And I guess it may sound a little unfoodielike (I think I just made up a word!!)  -  but I can eat butternut every day of my life and be happy. Okay, not ONLY butternut though! Hahaha!  Okay – so my final answer – butternut gnocchi with a sushi starter?

Worst food addiction, ours are hotwings?
A: Jalapeno poppers!  Stuffed to the brim with cream cheese, deep fried (and bacon wrapped if I can be a real piggy about it) BUT not so hot that it numbs all feeling in one side of your face. And most food on Hooter’s menu!  (Yes, I said it!) And then anything dripping with melted cheese. I love cheese waaaayyy too much from my own good!  I always say if there was no such thing as bread and cheese I would’ve been rake thin.  But alas!  *grin*

Are there any new restaurants or dishes you just recently discovered that you would like to mention?
A: Hmmm, this is a difficult one – simply because we've had quite a lot of awesome food experiences recently. I must mention the pimped up oysters at EB Social Kitchen and Bar, Café Del Sol Botanico’s butternut gnocchi, Hudsons’ falafel soft tacos and the most divine (and prettiest!) vegetarian risotto at Clico Boutique Hotel in Rosebank!

Is there anything you would like the world to know about you?
A: I love reading – started taking it up again recently (because on the other hand, I have a very short attention span), and I am a bit of an undercover metal head – still stuck in the 90s! My claim to fame is an appearance of a percentage of a second in a Soulfly music video.  Oh, wait – I guess it must be foodie related?  LOL!!  It is always such a joy to meet like-minded people, kindred spirits!  Myself and my Husband started blogging not so long ago - mainly because most of our friends thought that we always had such entertaining (mostly) weekend food and wine adventures!  And yes, we are having great fun!  I believe we make a marvellous team – and must give him loads of credit for how he supports this exciting ‘foodie fun’ journey of ours!  He takes the most amazing photos and it reading his ‘he said’ sections of our blog always makes me (and our other readers) giggle, such a way with words!  Check it out on (yes, had to punt it a little bit!).  I’ve made some inspiring and wonderful friends on my ‘foodie’ journey so far. Some real ‘genuine’ people.  Looking forward to a lot more mind-blowing adventures in food, wine, music, gin, bubbly, sushi, gnocchi, cocktails – and more!  Thanks for the opportunity to share GRATE! 

Foodie love! 

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Thank you so much for sharing with our grate users, Roelia!

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