Friday 27 January 2017

Restaurant of The Week

The Cube Tasting Kitchen

Where and why is the restaurant located in its current destination?
A: We’re in The Cosmopolitan building in Maboneng. It’s on the corner of Albrecht and Commissioner streets.
We moved to Maboneng for two reasons, one, because at Cube we believe in always evolving; changing; keeping things fresh and, two, we love the urban rejuvenation that is going on in Johannesburg’s CBD. Maboneng is the best example of this.

What is your favourite memory of the restaurant?
A: Difficult one…but if we had to narrow it down, it’s always opening night at a new venue – you get to see all your hard work creating a beautiful restaurant come to fruition.

What makes you different?
A: We are one of the only, if not the only restaurant in Johannesburg offering a Tasting Progression menu, generally about 12 courses. Our current menu includes five courses that follow the five taste sensations (including Umami) with the eight dishes that follow, more complex explorations of those taste sensations.

What is the culture, vibe and style of the restaurant?
A: We like to think of it as sophisticated casual.

Who is the head chef? What dish is the chef's personal favourite and why?
A: Dario de Angeli started Cube, making what it is today and whilst he still does a lot of the cooking, an exciting young chef, with a bright future, Darren O’Donovan, has taken over as the Head Chef of Cube.
There is no one dish that is a favourite, but the idea of creating new menus on a regular basis and exploring new ways of plating and preparing food that is seasonal is always exciting.


What is your signature dish?
A: We do 12 courses in our tasting progression and our menu changes every two months or so (part of the process of evolution) so we don’t have one signature dish.

Where can people follow you on social media?
A: Facebook: @Cubetastingkitchen, you can also follow our Head Chef on @CubeChef.
Twitter: @CubeTasting and @CubeChef
IG: @Cubetastingkitchen @ CubeChef

What is your food and design inspiration?
A: We are inspired by seasonal ingredients. We believe that eating at Cube should be an experience – hopefully an amazing one that you will never forget. That’s why from the moment you arrive, to the way we plate our dishes and serve them, to the moment you leave, we gear everything towards enhancing that experience.

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