Friday 3 February 2017

Restaurant of The Week

The Kream Restaurant

Kream was founded in 2007 by Tufan Yerebakan. It has established itself as a trendy upmarket restaurant. It strives to provide a one-of-a-kind experience with the best food and service. Its artistic environment and delicious modern cuisine combine to create an unforgettable, sensory, dining experience. We interviewed Dewald Gerber, the Manager at Kream, Brooklyn, and social media liaison for both the Brooklyn and Mall of Africa restaurants, respectively. Many foodies have flashbacks of grate dishes discovered at Kream so let's open up the menu and explore what Kream has in store.

Kream currently has two restaurants open, in different destinations. The one is in the Brooklyn bridge office park in Brooklyn, Pretoria and the other is in the Mall of Africa, Midrand. The first shop's location was chosen to be in a more secluded area where it is calm, so it's not to busy in terms of traffic and general noise. Many of the customers are business people therefore its the ideal area. When Mall of Africa opened, the same creator of Brooklyn bridge was part of the project. Kream was approached to open the second shop and after 9 years in Brooklyn, it seemed to be the right time.

"What makes Kream different?"
Except for our constant, delicious, upmarket and value for money food? We strive for exceptional service. We have a different system in the restaurant where there are waitresses that tend to the drinks and look after the tables. The managers do food recommendations, chef specials and take the food orders. The waiters then serve the food from the kitchen. This way everyone gets constant, great service. 

The restaurant's decor is upmarket, warm and comfortable. We incorporate a variety of artworks from different artists in South Africa which makes for a culturally modern and artistic atmosphere. The vibe is inviting, makes everyone feel welcome and intends to make everyone feel special. Attention to detail is also important to us in all aspects of style in the restaurant.
Kream can be classified as an upmarket dining place where you can come for a delicious meal or spend a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary.

Head Chef, Spencer Sykes says: "Its difficult to choose a favourite dish. Our popular items like the lamb shank, the pork belly etc are special to us as few other restaurants do them as exceptionally as we do. Our portions aren't small but we put every piece of our heart and soul into our food and service,"

Kream's food and design inspiration comes from looking at items and techniques which are not being used in South Africa (whether local or international) and experimenting with the blend of texture and flavour, to make an exceptional dish. Their signature dish includes a starter: Mushroom and biltong soup, a
main course of Fillet bone marrow/ Pork belly and a dessert called Candy crush. These signature dishes are also among their three most popular.

Kream can be followed on the social media profiles below.
Facebook: Kream restaurant
Instagram: kreamrestaurant
Twitter: @kreamrestaurant

We thank Dewald Gerber and the Kream team for sharing with our grate users.

To find out more about this week's restaurant, check out their website @

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