Monday 27 February 2017

Evolution of BOTS

Humans have evolved over time, from Homo Sapiens to Home Naledi, but humans haven't been the only forms of life to evolve.

BOTS have gone from interfaces that can do simple calculations to BOTS that can order an Uber, Translate a sentence, Find a Hospital to Posting a unique opinion. 

The biggest BOT areas lie in the customer engagement where BOTS can literally replace customer service agents and help customers with whatever query they have.

There is a big revenue saving opportunity where companies can now outsource customer service to BOTS. 

Advantages of BOTS 
  1. they don’t take smoke breaks
  2. they dont call in sick
  3. they dont go on strike 
  4. there are no sexy harassment issues
  5. they dont ask how the weekend was 
  6. they dont partake in office gossip 
  7. they dont arrive late and leave early 

Perfect right?

Well there are some disadvantages.... 
BOTS can be programmed to browse the Internet and click and engage with users. 
In July 2012 a digital distribution company claimed that 80% of its clicks from Facebook Ad’s came from BOTS. This sparked outrage and controversy. 

Companies create Social Media Ad’s to reach new customers based on certain targeting parameters, Facebook and other companies charge those companies for each click as it implies that these clicks are coming from potential customers who will then go on and buy the product or service or game being advertised. 

If BOTS are clicking on those links it means companies are losing money..

But that is not where it ends Microsoft created a Microsoft AI chatbot called Tay, that leant to be racist in less than a day, “Tay” went from “humans are super cool” to full nazi in <24 hrs 
BUT enough about BAD BOTS 

We are all about Good BOTS that can change the world for good. 

The Grate App Team ( have created a BOT called “G” we are obviously open to new names and suggestion lines are open. What this BOT does is that you arrive at a restaurant and ask the Grate BOT what it recommends you order at that restaurant and the BOT go through all the Dishes posted on the Grate App and will recommend the best dish. 

All you have to do is 
1-Go to any of our social media pages
2-Type in the name of the restaurant 
3-Ask the Grate BOT what it recommends and type in #GrateBOT

Simple as that

Try it out, we are intrigued to see what the BOT recommends for you 

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