Friday 24 February 2017

Restaurant of The Week

Stacked Diner strives to provide healthy, fresh ingredients to the busy bees of the mother city. Located in Cape Town's CBD, the diner combines the old with the new and its all day quality breakfast is something to buzz about.

Where and why is the restaurant located in its current destination?
A: Stacked Diner is located in the heart of Kloof Street – a go-to destination for both locals and tourists. We love the area’s energy and diversity as well as the Kloof Street visitor’s appreciation for both the old and the new.
Stacked Diner’s core offering is PROPER FOOD. MADE FAST. This is resonating really nicely with Kloof Street where many people are looking to grab a quick bite to eat but are also serious about fresh, real food made of quality ingredients.
Our store vibe is modern but friendly, the perfect place to grab a coffee while you do some work on your laptop, to have a quick lunch with colleagues or to wait out the traffic over a burger and a beer. On the weekends – Kloof Street is a bustling breakfast destination which is a great fit with our all day breakfast offering and our incredible flapjacks!

What is your favourite memory of the restaurant?
A: Stacked Diner opened on 20 November 2016 so we’re quite a newbie. That having been said – we’re reaching milestones every day, and those do make for great memories.
My personal favourite is probably the first time I could sense the store was “buzzing”. It was a Friday evening, people were chilling with friends and family over yummy food, our staff had found their groove and were loving the positive feedback they were getting from customers. There was such a great energy in the store and it was exactly what we had envisioned. It made me smile.   

What makes you different?
A: We like to think that the combination of food made of fresh, quality ingredients served fast in a modern yet friendly and casual space is what sets us apart.
Cape Town is no stranger to the great, quality burger. It’s also no stranger to the traditional fast food burger. But a burger comprised of 100% free-range, grass fed beef, made in the store from scratch every day, then served up quickly and really well priced is something that we feel is quite unique. That same principle applies to all our menu items. We’re as fanatical about the quality of the ingredients as we are about the taste. And we’re non-negotiable about offering our customers amazing value for money.
Our unlimited free toppings concept is also something our diners cite as being special to Stacked. Customers can build their own burgers and hotdogs from scratch - adding as many of our 17 free toppings as they’d like – without the price of the meal changing at all. We’re getting great feedback from people around this.

What is the culture, vibe and style of the restaurant?
A: Our interior is based on a contemporary diner theme. We wanted to include a few iconic diner elements in a space that is fresh, modern, light and friendly. Our colour scheme of grey, yellow and white has been described as being clean and easy-going with a touch of trendy, which we think is great. 
When it comes to vibe – we lead with friendly – and Kloof Street clientele seem to be loving it. I think customers like the fact that we’re very comfortable with who we are. The Stacked Diner crew are amazing and almost all of the reviews we get mention their great, friendly and attentive service which is awesome.

Who are your customers (which demographic)?
A: We’re really proud to say that Stacked Diner seems to be as viable a pit-stop for a freelancer on a laptop as is it for a quick business lunch, two friends catching up over a burger, a family enjoying a chilled dinner, and a group of friends having cocktails before going out. We love that so many different types of people feel comfortable in our store and see it as “being for them”. It means that we’re managing to bring a little bit of what Kloof Street is all about into our venue. 

How would you classify you restaurant (bistro, cafe)?
A: Tough one. Can I go with contemporary diner?

How did the name come about?
A: We chose the name on a drive between Cape Town and Kommetjie. We were chatting about how many free toppings one could physically get onto the same burger and someone said, “it’ll depend on how good you are at the art of Stacking.” Stacked Diner… we loved it immediately. It talks to our free toppings concept as well as to how we serve our flapjacks and our waffles. And everyone we tested it on “got it” which was great.

Who is the head chef? What dish is the chef's personal favourite and why?
A: The Stacked Diner menu is a team effort lead by Sean Pelser and Michelle Birch – who are both very passionate about making simple, quality food that tastes so good you cannot help but smile.
When I asked the menu team they battled to single out a favourite (similar perhaps to a parent being unable to select a favourite kid) but when pushed they listed a few elements they were really proud of including:

·   >The Stacked Diner burger patty which is a unique blend of 100% free range, grass fed beef with no starch, egg or binding agents and which tastes delicious all on its own.
·   >Our hash browns… which are made on site from farm fresh potatoes and never see the inside of the freezer.
·   >Our veggie burger – it’s made of the freshest quality ingredients, is delicious and is vegan
·   >The Stacked Diner flapjacks… because even grown-ups act like excited kids when they see them and taste them
·   >Our homemade lemonade – it’s unbelievably yummy and refreshing (and a great cure for a hangover… so we’ve been told)

What is your signature dish?
A: The Stacked Diner “Stack your own” burger. 100% free-range, grass fed beef patty, served on a fresh bun with a choice of 17 free toppings so you can literally build the exact meal you want!

What are your 3 most popular dishes?
A: The Stacked Diner Cheese Burger
Stacked Jacks (our flapjacks)
Our flat-top dog made with pure-pork, preservative free franks

Where can people follow you on social media?

What is your food and design inspiration?
A: Food inspiration – PROPER FOOD. MADE FAST.
Design: where contemporary and fresh meets casual and friendly.

We thank Karen and the Stacked team, for sharing with our grate users!

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