Saturday 7 January 2017

The Grate App Food Channel 📹

Get your popcorn ready and ENJOY We at the Grate App are a crazy bunch, some call us revolutionaries, some call us innovators, some even call us foodies We preferred to be called a team of highly efficient, coffee drinking, African enthusiasts. We want to unleash Africa and put AFRICAN INNOVATION on the MAP So we created the Grate App where you can and view amazing reviews of actual of dishes straight from the horses mouth.
Then we thought this horse can go even faster and we have now launched a YouTube CHANNEL

But why launch a YouTube CHANNEL you are thinking...... Why not just stick to pictures? Well pictures speak 1000 words but video brings pictures to motion so now you can experience a dish beyond the text and picture.

Are you sitting wondering what we are on about then download the Grate App via our website and experience the App

If you already have the App and are wondering where do you see these awesome Food Review Videos then click here 

So there you have it, that is our YouTube channel, have a look, subscribe, forward, recommend

We are the Grate App and its a pleasure to have you on-board
Below is Video Grating of a Cajun Rump dish at Kream  

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