Tuesday 3 January 2017

We are an African first like Malva pudding...

Many moons ago we went to a restaurant and didn't know what to order.
Then we had a Grate idea we thought to ourselves - 'lets put Africa on the Map, lets build an App so intricate that ballerinas marvel at the simple complexity'

2016 was been an interesting year with many twists and turns
  • Instagram introduced stories
  • Brexit happened, the less said about this the better
  • The Mall of Africa opened and is on track to reach R2.6 billion for the first year of operation.
  • Black Friday broke records and pockets
  • SnapChat launched Snap Spectacles
  • Facebook copied everything SnapChat is doing
  • Strive announces Kwese TV which will have t (http://www.kwesesports.com/) he EPL, NBA and LA Liga
  • Donald Trump is now president elect Trump
That is what has happened globally but what has happened at the Grate offices
  • +116 sleepless nights
  • +500 twitter followers (@theGrateApp)
  • +500 Instagram followers
  • +320 cups of coffee consumed
We were the App partner for the DStv delicious festival We were featured on ITWeb We released 5 major updates to the App The Grate App is well on track to be the #1 food App for you to SnapNReview Its been a journey of 1000 steps and we keep climbing but we cant climb alone we are taking you all with us With that we introduce a new exciting feature Now you can click on 'friends invite' and everytime you invite a fellow foodie and they join you get points :-) http://www.thegrateapp.com So go buckwild invite all your friends and family to the Grate app and lets make Grate Great again Gracias and happy holidays www.thegrateapp.com

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