Wednesday 11 January 2017

Foodie of The Week

Lloyd Loots is “quite the diverse individual,” he is an “avid traveller at heart, who has had a passion for photography from the age of 7,” and he started his own “fashion, lifestyle and entertainment blog, entitled “As Seen By Lloyd” during 2014,”. Since then he has written reviews and articles on fashion, movies, events & products alike. Not only does Lloyd blog, he’s also a “Social Media Influencer”. We asked him a few questions to find out a bit more about the man behind the blog.

Firstly, what is your favourite food memory? E.g - is there a Xmas dinner you can never forget or waking up to the smell of a freshly baked cake? 
A: I think my fondest food memory is actually where my love for baking came from. Baking with my gran. I can still remember the start of December school holidays where I would help her bake ginger biscuits. How coarse the sugar was on my hands when I started kneading the dough. Rolling out with an old school marble rolling pin. Into the oven. And then of course helping myself to one freshly baked biscuit as it came out of the oven still soft & warm.

You have a clear passion for both food and fashion.  Do you see a link between the two? 
A: Food & Fashion. Two very different things. Interlinked? Yes. I believe both Food & Fashion can be a form of 'art'. A form of art where two artists, a chef & a designer, are able to express their own creativity in their own unique ways.

Are you a foodie who can cook? If so, what is the best dish you can whip out? 
A: I love cooking & baking. I don't get enough time for it though, with the busy social life. But I can definitely bake one mean Red Velvet Cake!

Out of all your different dining experiences, what has been your best restaurant experience? 
A: Best Restaurant Experience. Maximillien Restaurant - The Legacy Corner. Dining in the passage of Sandton City, where a table was set for 10 & people doing shopping were walking past us whilst we indulged in a 7 course meal prepared by Chef Sylvester Nair.

Being an avid traveller at heart, what is your favourite dish in the world, something you could almost eat all day, every day? 
A: The Porcini Mushroom pasta from Pomodoro Ristorante at Morningside Shopping Centre.

We all have a guilty foodie pleasure. What is your worst food addiction, ours are hot wings
A: Worst, being the most unhealthy? Then most definitely pizza. With extra cheese. (Yummy! Don’t worry, we all think pizza is grate too)

So Lloyd, as seen by you, are there any new restaurants or dishes you just recently discovered that you would like to mention? 
A: This past holiday, I discovered the Beaver Creek Coffee Estate just outside of Port Edward on the South Coast. The little restaurant there is incredible. I had the Eggs Benedict with salmon. The hollandaise sauce was one like I had never had before, extra creamy with some cayenne pepper to season. All served on a freshly baked English muffin.

Lastly, is there anything you would like the world to know about you? 
A: I drink lots of wine. If I'm not drinking wine, I'm drinking bubbly or craft gin & tonic. Self-taught wine connoisseur in the making, if I can say so myself.

Thank you for sharing with our grate users, Lloyd.

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  1. Awesome my friend. I shall now want the cake speciality of yours for my birthday #wink.