Wednesday 18 January 2017

Foodie of The Week

Thenjiwe Mabope, writer of the insightful blog 'Previously Disadvantaged' which shares her personal experiences as a young, modern woman finding her way in an ever changing South Africa (and world). The evident strive for a balance between embracing change and respecting tradition is something which we can all relate to. Even though the jazz lover already classifies herself as an 'oversharer', we have managed to dip into our foodie's "Memory Bank".

What is your Favourite food memory? E.g. - is there a Xmas dinner you can never forget or waking up to the smell of a freshly baked cake?
A: My favourite food memory has to be my grandfather coming home every Friday with a fish and chips parcel! Crispy battered snoek with freshly fried slap chips! The smell of the salt and vinegar filling the room always let you know it was Friday take away day!

Who is Thenjiwe? What 140 characters best describe you?
A: I’m a 27 year old luxury spirts and wine marketer who loves food, the outdoors, music, cooking, the arts and fine dining. I also love hosting friends over any chance I get because there’s nothing better than laughs with the people you hold dear over good food and drinks.

From your perspective, what has been your best restaurant experience?
A: My best restaurant experiences are usually instances where a breakfast turns to brunch or a lunch to dinner because you simply do not want to leave the atmosphere in the restaurant and end up inviting friends to come and join in but if I’d have to pick one experience it would definitely have to be The Pot Luck Club where the food was so good, my friends and I penned a letter to the chef to say thank you. He replied, we were so chuffed to find out he’s also a Joburg native like we are. That was a good day!

What is your favourite dish in the world, something you could almost eat all day every day?
A: My favourite dish in the world definitely is Mogodu. I can eat Mogodu every day. I am very lucky that is not hard to find in the Cape Town city bowl or that would be the staple!

Worst food addiction, ours are hot wings?
A: Chicken Licken Hot Wings!

Thank you for sharing with our grate users, Thenjiwe!

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