Friday 20 January 2017

Restaurant of The Week

 The Harissa Bistro


Where and why is the restaurant located in its current destination?
A: Harissa is located in the The Club Centre, corner Pinaster Avenue & 18th Street, Hazelwood, Pretoria. The reason it is found at this location is because Hazelwood / Waterkloof was said to become the future hub of eateries in the area. As well as it being an exciting new adventure for the Bistro Collection.

What is your favourite memory of the restaurant?
A: Our favourite memory of Harissa must be the opening of the shop. There was a lot of nerves and excitement in the air as you can imagine. It is by far the biggest shop in the group and part of the excitement was that it was the first of the group to come into the Pretoria area.


What makes you different?
A: We are an Afro-Fusion restaurant and the only one in the area. All of our food is made on site, from our breads to our ice creams. It can be said we have a unique flair when it comes to our spice combinations, most with a Moroccan sway.

What is the culture, vibe and style of the restaurant?
A: We would have to say that we have a new, contemporary style. We have a class about us, in the way our restaurant is set up and the food and plating style we have. However being a bistro, we do have a casual setting. A home-away-from-home feeling; being welcomed in like family.


How would you classify you restaurant (bistro, cafe)?
A: We are a North African Fusion Bistro.

How did the name come about?
A: The Bistro Collection comprises of The Green Peppercorn, Licorish Bistro, Harissa Bistro and most recently Love Fish. When creating the name Harissa we looked at the rest of the group, all with a food / spice theme to them. Due to the look, style and cuisine choice, the name Harissa (which is a north african spice) stuck.

Who is the head chef? What dish is the chef's personal favourite and why?
A: Thembani is our head chef. His favourite dish must be the Fish Biriyani. An incredible combination of flavours, a fresh selection of seafood and fish, all jam packed into a tagine. Absolutely delicious!

What is your signature dish?
A: We can't choose one dish as our signature one. We have our favourites (mentioned below) however we would have to say that we have a signature flavour more so than one specific dish.

What are your 3 most popular dishes?
A: The three most popular dishes are definitely the Lamb Ribbetjies; the Chateaubriand Style Fillet, the Grilled Ostrich Fillet and all of desserts.

Where can people follow you on social media?
A: We are very active on social media and can be found on:

We thank Sabrina Iori and the Harissa Bistro team for sharing more about the restaurant with us and you, our grate users.

Check out the restaurant's website @

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