Wednesday 15 February 2017

Foodie of The Week

Gena Khoza is a traveler, fashionista, blogger and most importantly, a foodie!

What is your Favourite food memory?
A: Sundays... Sundays will always remind me of when my mom would cook chicken stew with dumplings. Mmmmh the aroma could wake anyone one up from any sort of coma. Then the meal would be accompanied by 7 salads and at the end of the meal, they had me as a dishwasher lol. My mom, to this day wont teach me how to cook this dish, I’ve tried, it just doesn't taste the same.

Who is Gena?
A: I’m an intro/extrovert, meaning I am great with people, I love hosting dinner parties and braais, but I am not great at meeting new people and I prefer to do things alone. I’m a bucket full of sunshine if I do say so myself. I love to cook, eat and read murder novels.

What has been your best restaurant experience?

A: I have three:

1. Bread Street Kitchen and Bar (Gordon Ramsay’s restuarant in Dubai)             Apart from the fact that I love the living out of chef Ramsay, the food served at the restaurant is amazing, I wanted to taste the oh so famous risotto that is constantly mentioned in his show but that wasn’t on the menu so I opted for the wings and those were the best wings ever, I got a full palate massage and great mouth orgasms with every bite I had. Plus I was able to get a kitchen tour and picture with staff. The amazing thing here is I am unable to eat a full 3 course meal because by the time I start my main I am kinda full from my starter and the bread, but here I enjoyed every single dish. The portions are perfectly served.

2. Signature (Morningside)
This restaurant has it all, from the ambiance to the amazing service, the live entertainment and the mouthwatering food – explains the price tag that comes along with it.
The menu is very extensive and covers all types of food you'd love to eat.

3. Simpsons (England)
Walking into Simpsons made me feel like royalty, the way the staff greets you, the high ceilings the smooth music playing in the background and the smell of cinnamon ( it was the festive season) it was just amazing.
I don’t think I’ve ever had such smooth red wine before in my life, Nuits Saint Georges 2012 ( if you ever find it let me know)
The service was impeccable, the food was more than what I expected, I was extremely close to licking my plate.
Another restaurant where I did complete all my courses and felt full but not pig full lol.

What is your favourite dish in the world, something you could almost eat all day every day?
A: SOLE FISH! Provided I get a different side everyday.

Worst food addiction, ours are hotwings?
A: Chicken Licken HOTWINGS dunked in their salsa or hot sauce or both lol.

Are there any new restaurants or dishes you just recently discovered that you would like to mention?
A: RiStretto Morningside.
Perfect restaurant for people with kids, they have staff that looks after the kids, the kiddies menu is very friendly plus they can create they own pizza.
The menu has a lot to offer, the staff are willing to give they opinion on what to order or what compliments what. I went there twice in 1 week, ordered pasta with mushrooms and beef strips, great portion but way too much beef strips for me. The last time I ordered vegetarian pizza with extra Bolognese sauce and avocado ( the logic behind the vegetarian pizza is because it had my favourite toppings but I also wanted a Mexican  pizza).

How would you compare food from South Africa vs food from England?
A: The pricing of the food in the UK is way higher, they serve ridiculous amounts of food usually when you go to a chains fast food outlet (TGIF). I am a pasta fanatic but was very disappointed at the fact that I constantly had to ask for extra sauce regardless of what kind of pasta I ordered.

Thank you for sharing with our grate users, Gena!

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